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Full body massage:

full  body massage is rather an acupressure method, which is more than accurate for any areas where you feel pain but during the whole session not much relax is guaranteed for you. In Dubai, there are several Spas and massage centers dealing with Body to body, out of which we will represent you with some. Body to body means very thorough knowledge and it’s a lot more specialized as an activity than massage in itself. This method is the biggest helper for many though to be relieved from pain. Dubai Body to body massage therapies are indeed great.

Winter health Kampo detox dredge meridians :

Collection point therapy, magnetic therapy, hyperthermia, smoked drugs and other therapies comprehensive conditioning regimen.
Dredge the meridians and acupuncture points to stimulate relevant, improve physical fitness, prevention and adjustment disorders, including obesity, menstrual period problems and skin problems through.
Winter can be nursed back to health is not only physical, but also to enhance health and improve disease resistance and metabolic level.Seasons law DongCang – Winter is the reserve of energy, the best time to adjust.

Conditioning detox slimming beauty care :

Unique naturopathy, acupuncture and traditional heritage magnetic hole effect, without applying acupuncture, acupuncture pressure points are long, safe, reliable and stability. Diagnosis and treatment of the site immediately to reflect the physical condition, a visible effect. Exclusive development of traditional Chinese medicine with mud, directly absorbed by the skin, more than 60 kinds of precious herbs, so in tune service, constant conditioning consolidate does not rebound.

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